Top 5 Best Black Leggings

I recently asked you over on Instagram what you wanted to see a review of and I got a TON of responses for black leggings!  So today I’m found the top 5 best black leggings that are not sheer and are available in all different price points.  Head to my Instagram to see what I have to say about each one and why they are in my top 5.

Do you have a favorite black legging?  Let me know!  I would love to try them out 🙌


Best Overall: Align Pant II

I couldn’t do a leggings review and NOT include the Align leggings.  These are hands-down the best leggings there are.  I seriously own an embarrassing amount of them 😂 They are super soft without being too thin, but thick enough that they are opaque.  These leggings can be worn for low-impact work outs or just to lounge around the house, PLUS the make the best maternity leggings because they are so strechy!


Best Value: Aerie

The Aerie Chill leggings were recommended to me by you guys and I have been SO impressed with them! They are a cottony material so they feel really secure and have more hold than stretch.  I ordered my true size, extra small and they felt a bit snug so I should have sized up!

Most Work Appropriate: A New Day

The material of the A New Day legging from Target is thin but very flattering.  It feels and looks a little bit more elevated than your typical cotton pair which is why I think this legging would be a good option for a casual work environment (if your work allows leggings!!).  I LOVE the thick elastic waistband because it feels like it’s really holding me in and looks smooth under any top you wear with them.


Most Pet Hair Resistant: Amazon

This category is super specific and I’m so glad one of you requested it!  I went on a HUNT to find something that would be resistant to pet hair but still feel like an every-day legging rather than a slick/wicking workout legging.  This amazon pair is AMAZING!  It feels a lot like lululemon‘s Everlux fabric which makes the any pet hair easily brushed away with a swipe of your hand.  These leggings could be worn for low-impact workouts or casually like I’m wearing them here!


Best Faux Leather: Spanx

Another holy grail pair 🙌 I wore the heck out of the maternity version of these leggings last winter.  The faux leather look is SO easy to style and looks super cute with sweaters and sneakers, but can easily be dressed up with booties.  I’m wearing my true size, extra small, in this pair but I know some people prefer a size up because they’re so tight!

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