Small Business Saturday: Personalized Gift Ideas

It’s Small Business Saturday!  Because Daniel and I are both entrepreneurs, small businesses are something we are super passionate about.  So, I wanted to take some time today to showcase some of my favorite Etsy shops and small businesses that have the cutest options for personalized gift ideas!

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Most of these options would work as awesome family gifts, in law, gifts, or honestly anything that you’re unsure of what to “gift.”  Everyone loves something that is personalized to them!  If you want to gift something sentimental, I highly recommend this wood cutting board with a personalized hand written family recipe carved into it.  I bought a few for my sisters and I with my mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup recipe she has always made us.  I can’t believe it’s only $40; it has awesome reviews!


One of my favorite kids gifts are these personalized books.  This Etsy shop is the cutest and you can personalize all different kids books (like The Night Before Christmas!) with the child’s name, age, skin tone, hair color, family members, etc.  It is SO cute!  They are super reasonably priced, and will be delivered in time for Christmas!


This leather shop has incredible reviews and all the items are guaranteed delivery by Christmas in the US!  I love the leather Dopp kits and luggage tags (both under $50).  You can pick the color of the leather and have them monogrammed or their name embossed right into the leather.  I recently got a laptop sleeve from this leather Etsy shop, and it is STUNNING.  Definitely high quality, and they’re currently doing 20% off but the shop owner is offering you guys an EXTRA 15% off with code DARYLANN.


If you want something even more “personal” this custom watercolor of your home is so cool!  Would be perfect for the dad who has put countless hours into his house or the family who has a nostalgic home!  These illustrations of pets are also adorable, but they won’t arrive in time for Christmas, so just keep that in mind.


Ornaments are also an awesome gift for those people you have no idea what to gift.  This Etsy shop has tons of reasonably priced personal ornaments, including special ones for weddings or first Christmases.  This Etsy shop does custom ceramic ornaments of your home and they are incredible!  The wait time is insane (I think it’s like 8 months 😂) but everyone says it is totally worth the wait!  Maybe a gift for yourself, or for next Christmas 😉.


For smaller gift ideas or stocking stuffers, this personalized knife is so cool and only $25.  This penny keychain circles the year he became a dad.  And these personalized jewelry dishes are perfect for her bathroom counter or nightstand to hold rings and things each night (under $20!).


And I have to add this in because I think it’s the coolest!  If you’re looking for a family gift idea, something for your parents or in-laws, this personalized doormat is awesome.  I have one and we love it!  Fun fact: my right-hand-girl, Lyssa, is the shop owner and hand-letters all of these!  She is so talented and they are the prettiest, most useful gifts!  You can have them as simple as ours (it just says “Denner”), or you can add more to it.  They are completely custom!


Two more favorites: this book stack is super fun and you can add as many books as you want to make a complete family set.  One of my followers on Instagram is the shop owner and she made us one that has Daniel, me, Rhett, and Ryleigh (with a little paw print 😉).  And if you know a pet lover, this shop does custom jewelry with your pet’s paw print!


Those are just some of my favorites!  Leave your favorite Etsy shops or small businesses in the comments below so we can support them on this Small Business Saturday (and throughout the rest of the year!

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